Jewellery Repairs
Have your repairs done by experienced goldsmith.
We specialize in repairs such as ring sizing, re-tipping of claws, ring shanks and soldering.

At Prestige Jewellery our repair services include pearl restringing and laser soldering for jewellery pieces that cannot be repaired using traditional heat soldering 

Insurance replacement
There is nothing worse than losing valuable, sentimental and important jewellery. At Prestige Jewellery, our skilled associates will work with you to determine the description and value of lost or stolen items and work with insurance companies to help you replace your items.

It is always a good idea to have your jewellery appraised, this is necessary for insurance purposes, proof of ownership and is a requirement by most insurance companies.
Appraisals are done in store by our GIA Graduate Gemologist who has over 23 years of experience.
Our appraisals include pictures of the item for identification, a breakdown of the item including an assessment of all metals and gemstones, and replacement value. Old appraisals are updated at a reduced cost if brought in with the item.

Gold Exchange
We all have old, unused, broken and unwanted gold items, why not gather them up and bring them to Prestige Jewellery for a cheque , store credit or use towards your next purchase or custom design.